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Relationships are the Spice of Life... And Our Biggest Challenges!

mother arguing with teenage daughterAt Mind and Wellness Counselling, we help you to come together to refocus on those things that are essential to your relationship. We facilitate effective communication between partners and family members and help you find the way to wholeness again, be it together or not.

We all need people in our life to make it interesting, whole and worthwhile. These relationships can take the form of good friendships, or a long-term commitment to someone we wish to spend our life with. In both cases, we are called to step out of ourselves and share our life with another person.

A committed relationship involves being intimate and vulnerable at the same time. To be a couple means providing security and love to each other. It includes many joys and challenges: perhaps raising children, taking care of pets and other loved ones.

However, external pressures from our jobs, social circles and extended families can add on a layer of complexity to our daily “home life.” It is not always easy to achieve work/life balance and to find time to nurture and maintain the relationships that constitute the foundation of our life.